A-List and MassNETS changes August 2014

A few changes were made to the A-List and to MassNETS 2014 to better align with the new USDA Smart Snack regulations. Several of the changes when into effect August 2014. A few additional changes were adopted by the final ruling in December 2014. The newer changes are marked in this document with an asterisk (*).

A new category, new Milk & Milk Substitutes was added to make it easier to follow the rules for milk vs. other dairy products. The order of the categories was also slightly rearranged.
Flavored Milk
A new rule is in place that milk that is flavored must be non-fat. Milk that is unflavored may be 1% milk or non-fat milk.
Flavored Water
Flavored water is only allowed at the high school level. On the A-List, flavored waters are marked with an asterisk to highlight them.
Juice serving sizes may now be up to 8 fluid ounces.
The general rule for sugar was changed from less than 35% of Calories to less than 35% by weight. Minimal sugar is allowed for tart dried fruits such as dried cranberries.
Saturated Fat
For most categories, saturated fat content must now be LESS than 10% of Calories rather than less than or equal to 10% of Calories.
Fruit & Nut Mixes*
Rules were updated to account for fruit and nut mixes such that as long as there are no added fats or sugars, the amount of sugar/fat is not restricted.
No more "foods of minimal value"
There is no longer a distinction of foods of minimal value on the A-List.